Bangladesh, Relations with

   Bangladesh became independent of Pakistan in December 1971. Arakan (Rakhine) and Chin States form Burma's border with that country. In 1978 approximately 200,000 (some sources say 300,000) Muslims from Arakan, known as Rohingyas, fled across the border, escaping abuses at the hands of the Tatmadaw. Although most of them were successfully repatriated (partly because the Ne Win regime feared an international Islamic backlash), a second refugee crisis occurred in 1991-1992, involving as many as 280,000 persons, and in this case repatriation proceeded more slowly. However, by the early 21st century, relations between the two countries, both members of BIMSTEC, were amicable, as reflected in the March 2003 state visit of the Bangladeshi prime minister to Rangoon (Yangon).

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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